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San Felipe International Airport
San Felipe International Airport
San Felipe International Airport


September 2006: It is finally possible to fly into San Felipe from Long Beach and Brown Field (San Diego).
Charter flights are offered by Grey Eagle Aviation of McLellan-Palomar field in Carlsbad, north of San Diego. The inaugural flight was September 1st and you can see some of the pictures of this historic occasion on Kats Korner (Katherine even got to take a spin in the plane and get some aerial pictures). We have talked with Grey Eagle and have the following salient nformation:

  • Flights will run from Long Beach (LGB) to Brown Field (SDM), continuing on to San Felipe (SFE). There will be one flight in each direction on Tuesday, Friday and Sunday. Passengers go through immigration/customs check at Brown Field (which is out on Otay Mesa, almost opposite Tijuana Airport).
  • The southbound flight departs Brown Field at 9:30 a.m (8 a.m. from Long Beach) and returning service leaves San Felipe at 3:30 p.m
  • The plane will be a Cessna 208 Caravaneer Turboprop which can carry nine passengers.
  • Round trip fares are $502.75 per person from Long Beach and $373.75 from Brown Field (rates include taxes and fees).
  • Passengers are not subject to the same rigorous regulations as on commercial flights. You can take liquids on board.
  • Because of FAA/Charter regulations, trips must originate in the USA. San Felipe residents are not allowed to use the service to fly to U.S. destinations. (Note: this is in the process of changing so flights out of San Felipe may soon be possible).
  • Passengers require proof of U.S. Citizenship - a drivers license is presently acceptable but we suggest you get a passport.
  • A taxi from the airport to town will cost about $20, allow $40 to El Dorado.
  • For reservations, call Grey Eagle at +1 (760) 804-8670 or go to their website
  • UPDATE 5 September: The prices for the flights have been reduced substantially for an introductory period of now until December. You can fly round trip from Long Beach for $404.00 and from Brown Field for $278.00 including taxes and service charges. TRY A FLIGHT NOW!
Air Miles to San Felipe:
Imperial 110
San Diego 160
Yuma 110
Los Angeles 252
San Fransisco 545
Las Vegas 309
Long Beach 240
Phoenix 215
Laughlin 250
Palm Springs 195
Tucson 225

Most flights into San Felipe are by private planes which are travelling further south into Baja but have to stop for the official check-in. Typically there are 20 such landings each day at our airport.
San Felipe International Airport is 9.2 km. southeast of town at co-ordinates 30° 56' north latitude; 114° 48' west longitude at an elevation of 42 meters. The runway is 1,500 meters long by 31 meters wide with an orientation of 13-31. The control tower is on frequency 118.5 MHz. Business hours are 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. They carry 100/30 AV gas and Jet-A. It's a good idea to check with the airport before you fly in to make sure there is gas available (011-52-686-577-1368).
There is an office cost (military fee) of approximately $46, and an $8 landing fee; also an $8 a day parking fee for each plane. In addition you can expect to pay $19 per person for a visa for anyone who does not have an FM-3 or valid Tourist Visa. We suggest that if you are using the airport more than once, that you get your FM-3 (good for one year) or valid Tourist Visa (good for 6 months). It is a lot cheaper that way.
There may be those from distant places that would like to fly down in order to save time. To get to San Felipe from the border at Calexico, some form of motor transportation will be needed.
The easiest solution would be to fly into Imperial Airport in El Centro which is serviced by a shuttle flight from Los Angeles. At this airport you can pick up a rental car but be sure to ask if they will allow vehicles to be brought into Mexico - not all do. An excellent choice for rentals is Cliff's Car Rentals in Calexico. They will pick you up at the Imperial Airport. They will supply you with a car you can drive to San Felipe and then return to their agency, located at the private airport in Calexico. You will then be transported back to Imperial Airport ready for your flight out.

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