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Mission Statement Baja Rush Properties International
About Us

Our mission is to provide an affordable getaway paradise ideal for second home, retirement and land banking. We offer tranquil communities, surrounded by mountains, beaches, lakes, golf courses with various recreational and water sports, it is a place where one can revitalize and invigorate themselves. We offer the opportunity where individuals can make their dreams come true by providing them all the information need to make the educated decision of purchasing properties in a foreign country.  All of our agents are professional, licensed and uphold the same code of ethics as if practicing real estate in the U.S.

Baja Rush Properties Int’l offers a quality of life.


Primary Objective

To search for ideal communities in Mexico that can provide our clients the ideal dream home, whether it’s for vacation, second home, retirement or investment. The search criteria for the developments are:

  • Scenic and tranquil surroundings. Uncrowded and Unpolluted
  • Surrounded by any major body of water, ocean, sea, lake or river
  • Affordable cost of living
  • Convenient and Accessible, close to major shopping, and medical facilities, with the availability of fiber optics & passable roads
  • Abundance of recreation, with preference to golf, fishing and water sports, and more
  • Safe and Secure,  Foreigner Friendly,  Low Crime

Secondary Objective

It is Baja Rush Properties Int’l purpose to provide an environment that is safe and comfortable for all of its staff, developers and independent contractors, by setting up the policies, regulations and company culture, and making information accessible to all.  The company’s strategy is to sustain its assets to continue doing business in Mexico for years to come.

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